Thursday, May 26, 2011

The girls of Moscow.

My father always said that Aeroflot clap their wings when they fly...

Well, I think they have upgraded their planes since he flew, but the inside is still very old and the food awfull. Chocolates were good though!

Somebody asked, "How is it possible that so many beautiful girls with so many ugly men stil manage to produce the most beautiful daughters and the ugliest sons?"

The first thing that hits you in Moscow is the beautiful and sexy girls! Some are very unusual. I am sitting in the foyer of our hotel, because they only have wifi here, and my ipad does not go with cable! In front of me is a a petite girl sitting, quite dark of complexion, but her bottle blond hair reaches to her bottom, she is dressed in a short blck dress, and she looks very exotic. Another one is tall, long black hair with skintight jeans, and boy, does she make those blue jeans talk!

The girls are stunning, especially when they are young. I do not know if they do not age well, or if the older woman did not have the means to care for themselfs. The most exotic ones I was staring at for too long to get photographs, but here is a few, more to get a sense of their different way of dressing.

These 2 were holding on to one another, because they struggled to walk with their high heels. Very high heels have defnitely taken of in Russia!

This one had flowers around her head, and made her friend take lots of pictures of her. The socks...

This girl was not a schoolgirl, I was surprised to see when she turned around that she must have been about 25. Those shoes were very shiny!

To the defence of the men, I did see one or two handsome ones. They are built well, and they are often tall. Their hair is ALWAYS cut very short.

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