Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hanoi and Goodbye Vietnam!

I actually downloaded Good Morning Vietnam and watched it again. Such a great movie and Robin Williams a great actor. 

Hanoi is a big city, and I feel with more character than Ho chi Minh city. But that is a personal feeling, and maybe it is because I spent more time in it and got to know it better. The old town sector, and the many beautiful lakes makes it a pretty town. 

Two of my sons and the ones' girlfriend teaches in Hanoi. I stayed with one and his girlfriend in their lovely apartment. My
mattress was fairly thin:

I slept in the lounge, which was lovely, because I was in the centre of tv watching, cooking and chatting.

Having a wonderful dinner.

I bought a suitcase, and my poor son had to walk through the streets of Hanoi. The Vietnamese carry things hanging from their shoulders, but never on their heads. They certainly looked at this very tall man walking with a big object on his head!

Me and children on bikes- oh my goodness, I can not tell you enough how scary this was!

I watched these five get on (there is a child in the front) 99% of people wear helmets, but never the children!

Full moon in Hanoi

School girls in their uniforms .


Another beauty getting photographed.

Traffic chaos.

Beauty in Hanoi.

Baskets, anyone?

Street scene.

This is how the girls of Hanoi protect themselves. Even their hands!

Hanoi, I will miss you!

Goodbye, Vietnam!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Off to market we go...

Food is all in the open in Vietnam. They do try and keep the flies away, but it is an impossible task. The long legged chickens are the funniest (to us). They love chicken legs, so they breed them like this. The black parts of the chicken is common, and in Laos last year in a families' house, I had to eat some of this black chicken. It was not easy!

Flowers are very special, and roses in this hot climate! But they sometimes protect them like this:

This I saw often, to my astonishment. They will have chickens on the sidewalk in the busiest street. In the evenings they catch them and put them in a cage. And they do not go into the road! (maybe they do, but I never saw one...)

At first I thought these feather dusters were a whole lot of chickens tied together...

Flower street, but this time all plastic!

My favorite shop in Hanoi! They changed their window regularly.


Hôi An, Ancient Town

Hôi An stole my heart. Yes, it is very commercialised, but it somehow retains a quaintness that is unique. It is a Unesco World Heritage site, a well preserved example of an East Asian trading port from the 15th to the 19th century.

In the 18th century, the Japanese and Chinese merchants considered it the best trading port in East Asia. The Japanese believe the heart of all Asia (the dragon) lay beneath Hôi An. Da Nang took over as the main trading port of the French. The result was that Hôi An remained virtually untouched for the next 200 years.

Everywhere in Vietnam photos are taken of couples. It seems to be the national sports, or the "in" thing. 

The old bridge of Hoi An with another posing couple. Of course also many brides posing everywhere. 

Fish nets on the river.

Typical street scene. I have so many of them....

These 2 hats was really so beautiful against the old wall, I could not stop taking photographs!

A lot of men will be sitting around in Vietnam, but the woman will always be working, even the old ones. 

Early in the morning it was great to see how this old town starts the day.

Normally they have a bird in the cage, but this one had a rat!

Washing his boat and fishnets.

Every night I went for a swim (sometimes 3x per day...)

I got this in the room to eat. I wonder what the 6 scrumptious food materials could be? It was not bad at all!

It was hard saying goodbye to Hoi An. I hope I see you one day again!