Sunday, September 14, 2014

Onguma - the luckiest grandma alive!

Reunited with Quinn!

My children Werner and Marli came to visit me on Onguma. We are having a great time, and she loves running around with ouma after her... and ouma keep looking around for lurking lions and leopards.

Everything is open here, and if the lights are not on on the way to my room, it is quite a lively walk I do to get there. The light switch is on a tree some distance from my door. So I switch it on, go to my room desperately trying to unlock the difficult lock, turn on my lights, run to the tree, turn it off and run back to my door. When I go to work in the mornings it is still pitch black . It does not help to put the lights on then, because I have to walk all the way back to put it off and then walk to my car in the dark.
A photograph of my view from my room:

Werner took the following video of Quinn running around with a new app on his iphone.