Monday, June 13, 2011

Some idioms have lost their power.

The young people look at you with questions in their eyes, when we use old idioms.
"It's raining cats and dogs" gets a weird look from the young ones, or "Let the cat out of the bag".

They say a lot of "like", for instance "I like did not get to do that, like I did not want to?" words like "bling" "chillax" and then of course the text message shortcuts, like LOL (normally that does not even mean you are really laughing.)

I did get some cute ones on the net: (horse and carriage sounds old fashioned even to me)

Great minds blog alike...
Blood is thicker than bottled water...
Gravy jet...
Money is not everything there are credit cards too...
and also:

This is truly a heart breaking one! A sign of the times, and what a sad one.
So we will get newly minted words and idioms, and we older ones should use them, make them our own.

I had great fun with this poor pear on Photoshop, and maybe pears should not be looking like pears anymore, and we should have blue pears: