Saturday, November 26, 2011

Plastic Cherry trees...

British designer Tom Price has made an enchanted grove of cherry trees out of plastic tubes and cable ties. He used special tools to heat the plastic tubing so that he could then bend and twist it into the desired shape. Cable ties hold the bundles of tubing together, forming trunks and branches. The designer fused small cross-sections of the tubing together to form a canopy that creates a dappled light underneath. The designer said: "“I like to think of myself as working in collaboration with materials, processes and phenomena and that the final physical outcome is a product of mutual consent.”

About Tom Price :
A London native, Price attended several renowned schools including the Royal College of Art. That background in Fine Art informs his approach to design, which is typically very sculptural in both appearance and concept. The vast majority of Tom Price’s furniture and collections are anything but conventional. Represented in collections around the world, recently two of Price’s pieces were acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. Included in this exhibition will be Price’s coveted Meltdown Chairs—a series of unique furniture pieces made by melting a seat shape into a sculpted assembly of commonplace plastic products using a specially designed heated former. Original to this exhibit is an homage to DC. When he visited last spring, Price fell in love with the area’s iconic cherry trees. Inspired by them, he has constructed a series of sweeping sculptures out of plastic tubing, referencing the shapes of the trees and their blossoms. They will combine to create a unique immersive and site-specific installation, taking over an entire room of the gallery.

Source: via Wanda on Pinterest