Monday, December 6, 2010

3 Crocs to India!!

I call us the 3 crocs: Some of us ( I have to confess, all of us) wear Crocs at times, and some are threatening, and will, wear Crocs to India. We ARE 3 old krocks, and boy, we can be crocodiles if threatened!
On the 4th of January we are getting onto South African Airways, and we are going to have a wonderful, giggling, phototaking time. All three of us are photographers

On the left is Karin Brynard, a well known and much revered journalist in South Africa. "Karin Brynard is a journalist who has earned her stripes in the burning streets of Soweto during the Freedom Struggle of the eighties. As political correspondent for a nationwide newspaper, she witnessed the release of Mandela and the subsequent political settlement that ended Apartheid.

She now works as a freelance journalist and lives in Stellenbosch. Karin won the UJ Debut Prize for Creative Writing 2009 (Afrikaans) for Plaasmoord. " This is what the publishers Human & Rousseau says about her. She has won plenty of prizes for her first novel, "Plaasmoord"  since, and is busy with her second book, which, her husband says, she must finish before India!

Nicole Palmer in the middle, is our photography Guru. She has a website  and a blog that tells about her workshops, and showcases some of her exquisite photography.

This is what says about her:

Graphic artist, Potter and Photographer
Nicole was born on 9 April 1949 in the Congo, where she grew up until her immigration to South Africa in 1967. She is of Belgian nationality and French speaking.
From 1968 she studied, qualified and worked as a graphic artist. She started a Pottery studio, Le Studio, and specialized in teaching in stoneware, Eastern glazes and brushwork decorating methods. After 42 years of hard, enjoyable work in this line she closed her Pottery Studio in 2010.
Nicole had numerous Ceramic Exhibitions and received various awards for her work.
Photography and workshops:
From 1991 Nicole developed an ardent interest in photography and in 1997, her passion for teaching led to the presentation of a basic photographic course called DANCE OF LIGHT, which continues to date.
Well, and the 3rd person is of course me!
Soon I'll tell you more about our preparations.