Saturday, December 4, 2010

I have decided....

I have decided to start! for now, I will keep this blog all to myself, not telling anybody. I first have to get used to this thing called blogging.

What will I write about?

Mainly traveling, inside and outside my amazing, vibrant, wonderful country, South Africa. Tomorrow is a big birthday, 55. So I start this for myself, to have a place to express myself, a place where I keep record of what happens all around me, a place to put some photo's I have taken.

Today I had to make a invitation card, so that all the shareholders of our company will be invited to our house for dinner. And this is what it looks like. It is my own photo, with a free texture I have downloaded, unfortunately I can not remember from where. It is about 24 people that is invited, where will I seat them all?
The invitation text came on the left side. I love making cards like these!

Have a wonderful, wonderful day.