Sunday, January 23, 2011

I can't blog!

My ipad does not allow me to blog from it, therefore I cannot send my already prepared blogs with photos. I hope to get this sorted if Pieter, my husband brings my computer to China, where I am headed tonight.

Late yesterday afternoon, sitting in the reception area, I overheard a British women, all but screaming into the reception phone. I think she must have been talking to another hotel, because there are not really restaurants outside the resorts.

"Do you have any ENGLISH food? Not Indian food, but BRITISH food, toasted ham and cheese sandwiches? Do you have CHEESE?" She was repeating this over and over nearly hysterical. I felt like going up and explain to her thatthey do NOT have cheese, not like we know it, and that their ham is not really eatable! I also wanted to ask her why she does not rather go home? We have been eating so well, and in this hotel especially. Their buffet in the evenings are superb, but they are best at their own food, Western food is really not the best here. Poor women! I also see the Foreigners chomping away at the salads. Anyone that has done the smallest bit of research, will know this is a no-no, because it is washed in the tap water, normally thescource of all evil.

Only eat what can be peeled or cooked!