Thursday, March 17, 2011

Robin Williams live

Firstly, I have to confess, I have always been a Robin Williams fan. I have seen all his movies, the many bad ones, and the few good ones. So when I saw Robin Williams on Broadway, and I am so lucky as to be in NYC, i went and bought a ticket. For a South Afican, shockingly expensive, and this is the third in the price range!

I saw the show, "Bengal Tiger in the Baghdad Zoo" last night on Broadway It was an ingenious, intense and thought-provoking play with just the right amount of humor. The acting was phenomenal, and Robin was great. It is his acting debut on Broadway, and what a start!

Besides the play, I have to tell what disturbed me most. And what I saw, happens in South Africa as well. The man sitting next to me kept his hat on. He also kept his cell phone on the whole time texting or playing, I do not know. i gave him a few nasty looks, but he ignored it, maybe did not read them correctly, because the IQ must have been low. At interval he first asked his companion, and then me, "Is
it finished?"

At interval everyone that did not walk out to get some air, turned on the cell phones, and started to read about what they missed in the past three quarters of an hour.

What is it with people, do they think that maybe some one else is having more fun than they? Are they bored with their partner's company, or even worse, with their own company? Why are everybody always looking at their phones, as if the only life worth living is encapsulated there?