Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stromer House

Stromer House by Monicamo
Stromer House, a photo by Monicamo on Flickr.

Stromer House

One of the oldest known intact doll houses is in the Germanisches National Museum, Nuremberg, Germany. Known as the Stromer House, because it was presented to the museum by Baron von Stromer, its original owner is unknown, but it is dated 1639.

Like other famous doll houses which followed it, the Stromer House offers a fascinating view of upper-class life for the time and place it was made. This doll house has 15 sections, with everything from stables and servants’ quarters, to elegant bedrooms and a reception room and hall with intricately paneled walls.

(To see a photo of the Stromer House, click the museum link, then slide the date button at the top of the timeline to 1640. Click on the photo of the doll house.)