Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Fort at Onguma

I spent quite a lot of time "working" at The Fort lodge, an Afro- Moroccan inspired design, beautifully decorated. This is the flagship of Onguma. In front is a waterhole that was visited by lions, a leopard and many other animals while I was here. All day long there is a parade of them, with the warthogs coming up to mow the little lawn at the swimming pool. The long veranda is ideal for watching this, but the rooms are situated so that you can sit in total privacy on their verandas and still see all. There are 11 stunning rooms, one is a honeymoon suite, plus the Sultan room in the main building. 

I found the light falling into and through the lodge amazing. Known for its magnificent sunsets, I think the sunrises is as beautiful!

Every morning I saw this when I arrived at work:

I once had to go and call a tourist that walked as far as me here, and told her that she could not do it! So when I went out, (and I did go further than this, I took someone with me to watch my back!

You can sit with your feet in the water, drink a cocktail and watch the animals! 

The waterhole

Everything is open to nature

A sunset:

I really enjoyed working here, I learned a lot!