Thursday, November 20, 2014

Planning to go somewhere? Use Air bnb

Booking accommodation is usually one of the most difficult parts of preparing for your holiday - hotels are expensive and backpackers may be a bit off. This awesome site gives you another option - renting a space from ordinary people like yourself. 

It is a type of marketplace for travellers to list and book unique worldwide properties,  from a couch in a sitting room, a spare bedroom to city apartments and even country villas, the site covers 34 000 cities in 192 countries. 

How it works: All you have to do is enter your city of choice into the search bar, select the dates you plan to be there and a myriad of options will pop up. From here you can narrow your search down according to price and whether you’re looking for an entire place to yourself, a private or a shared room. 

If something tickles your fancy, click on the image and a longer description will pop up, as well as guest reviews. Apart from the fact that you’re bound to end up paying far less than you would in a hotel and have a more comfy stay than you would in a hostel, you also get to experience the way locals live.  

All in all, a brilliant site for travel planning. 

Go - start planning!