Friday, October 23, 2015

From Da Nang to Hoi An.

I met three delightful students in Sapa. When they heard I was planning to come to Hoi An, they said I had to contact them when I came. Ngoc (very difficult to pronounce it correctly) waited for me in Da Nang Airport. We then took my suitcase to her room, close to her university. Off we went to explore her beautiful city on her motorbike. 
Ngoc at the entrance to her room. 

She showed me the beautiful bridges of Da Nang, and the very wide river that flows through it. 
The dragon bridge was very unusual. 

One of the other girls, Minh, joined us on our tour. These two girls talk excellent English and they are studying economics. I hope they make a lot of money one day so that they can come and visit me!

Minh had to leave and Ngoc took me for Da Nangs traditional noodle dish, I think it was called 
Quang Nam's Noodles. Ngoc and me in front of her regular restaurant.

The food is prepared fresh every day. 

Delicious  noodle and chicken! And pretty Ngoc!

What a nice feeling it was to be received  and treated so well by total strangers. The pride they feel in their city was very visible. Both of them come from towns outside Da nang. 

It was already dark when I caught a taxi to Hoi An, about an hour away.