Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hanoi and Goodbye Vietnam!

I actually downloaded Good Morning Vietnam and watched it again. Such a great movie and Robin Williams a great actor. 

Hanoi is a big city, and I feel with more character than Ho chi Minh city. But that is a personal feeling, and maybe it is because I spent more time in it and got to know it better. The old town sector, and the many beautiful lakes makes it a pretty town. 

Two of my sons and the ones' girlfriend teaches in Hanoi. I stayed with one and his girlfriend in their lovely apartment. My
mattress was fairly thin:

I slept in the lounge, which was lovely, because I was in the centre of tv watching, cooking and chatting.

Having a wonderful dinner.

I bought a suitcase, and my poor son had to walk through the streets of Hanoi. The Vietnamese carry things hanging from their shoulders, but never on their heads. They certainly looked at this very tall man walking with a big object on his head!

Me and children on bikes- oh my goodness, I can not tell you enough how scary this was!

I watched these five get on (there is a child in the front) 99% of people wear helmets, but never the children!

Full moon in Hanoi

School girls in their uniforms .


Another beauty getting photographed.

Traffic chaos.

Beauty in Hanoi.

Baskets, anyone?

Street scene.

This is how the girls of Hanoi protect themselves. Even their hands!

Hanoi, I will miss you!

Goodbye, Vietnam!