Friday, October 21, 2016

Laos, again!

Should I eat Frog Porridge??

This is my second time in Laos. Last time I was in Luang Prabang and enjoyed it so much that I came back, this time to the capital, Vientiane. But I was underwhelmed. It had all the same friendly people, but none of its charms. It is a very laid back sleepy capital.

The hotel, Vientiane Golden Sun Hotel was good value for money, clean with 2 lovely swimming pools, much appreciated! Even an old traveller like me make mistakes. I did my Taiwanese visa at home, saw I have to get my Laos visa at Vientiane airport and remembered that I got my Vietnamese last time also at the airport. Right and wrong! I do get it there but have to do it online 2 weeks before entering. Mad scramble late the night before I fly. The Vientiane Golden Sun Staff were extremely helpful with this. It cost me a lot to do it so quick, but at least I could fly!

I have had frog legs in Paris. I was offered frog legs arranged like a lotus flower in China. but Frog porridge does sound rather unappetising! Or paddapap in Afrikaans...

But the following sounds really disgusting and made me smile:

Another sign that made me wonder and smile was outside a hairdresser, big in neon letters : 
One hair, One style!

Can one hair have more than one style?

ລາກ່ອນ (la khãwn)

(good bye!)