Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ghandi's House

I was so excited about telling you about all our experiences that I left out our visit in Mumbai to Ghandi's house.
I also never told of Karin and her lens! She left it in the car that drove us around the 2nd day in Mumbai. After a lot of asking and phoning we found it. We picked it up early on the morning we left on the plane for Jaipur. On our way from the airport, Jetair phoned and asked if we left a lens behind in the plane. Yes, it was the same lens! We laughed so much our insides were sore!

Ghandi's library:

A letter Ghandi wrote to Hitler:

His bedroom - he lived such a simple life, he really lived what he preached.

A wonderful saying that is very relevent for the South Africans today.

May we all live in peace!

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