Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jaipur, the Pink City.

In the 19th century, King Albert of England came to visit Jaipur. So, in honour of him, the original city was painted pink! Of course Jaipur now sprawls far beyond this.

Live is lived on the street, there is no supermarket, but you can get anything right here!


Even keys can be made right on the sidewalk.

Wedding outfits for men can be purchased.

The dying of cloth takes place on the sidewalk...

Jaipur is unbelievable. It is noisy, crazy, chaotic, friendly, poor, full of beggars, vendors and traffic. The traffic consists of emaciated dogs, auto rikshaws, cars, lorries, buses, holy cows, camels, people, rikshaw bicycles, pigs, tricycles. It is a continuous mass of people moving and boiling along.

Pink love

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