Monday, January 3, 2011

Mumbai day 2

Today was magical, with an early sunrise ( that we managed, though it was tough)

We went by ferry to the Elephanta caves on an island. The whole temple is cut from the rock, ONE piece! This was done over 4 generations. It started BC and were finished about 150 years AD.

Our hotel is the Gordon House Hotel, and I can recommend it. Small, clean and friendly and helpful staff. It is also dead cantre in town. We are eating a lot of lovely Indian food, but are always searching for nice coffee.

We had a wonderful evening, but it is late at night, and we are flying tomorrow very early to Jaipur, so the evening will have to wait until tomorrow. The 3 crocs are having a whale of a time. Of course, they are ALWAYS loosing things and then we all go on a desperate search for it. One of us have even lost a lens. Oh dear.

Goodnight from Mumbai.