Monday, January 3, 2011

Mumbai/ Bombay!

I see i have not posted 2 pages about Mumbai! We really struggle with internet, and it did not go through. So here they are:

We have arrived, and the first day was a sensory overload experience, but that is how it is in India. We saw a Jain temple. The Jain people are vegetarians, and do not harm any living thing, not the tiniest insect, if they can help it.

We also saw the laundry! Apparently this job is handed down to son from the father. On Sundays they collect the laundry, thousands of bundles and everything is then washed by hand. The water does not look very clean and how they know what clothing belongs to who is a mystery. They take it back to the owners on the next Saturday.

They seem to wash themselves as well!

The Gate of India is quite impressive.

We are three very tired crocs, but very happy - till next time.