Thursday, January 13, 2011

Packing and unpacking...

The two crocs that came with me, Nicole and Karin is really two totally normal people, at least until they start packing.

A few days before we left, Karin phoned me once or twice in a flat spin over what to buy and what to pack. I told her, please do not buy new things, especially shoes, and old, comfortable clothing.

All three of us brought enough food for an army.

I have never lived through anything like this. They have both packed what they thought they would need, what they thought they might need and what they thought they will not need. Nicole brought two hairbrushes for instance. Karin has brought more than one scissor, one the airport security has confiscated already. They have various oils and misterious potions and lots of other medicine.

Every night when we reach our room, I fall on my bed with a book or my ipad. Or else I watch. They start to unpack and pack their suitcases. When we come back from dinner, I fall down on the bed with my ipad, or I relax, just observing. They start to rearrange everything, and unpacks again, because they cannot find anything, BECAUSE they repack everytime.

I think they find all this packing relaxing, making their home around them familiar, feeling more in control after all the chaos outside.

I have not unpacked my suitcase once. But then,
I have packed less.

Until the next unpacking...

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