Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the world, Unesco site.

I have already told you how breathless and shocked we arrived at the Taj after our race to get there. We were in such a hurry that we were rather short with the guide. We did not want to listen to him, just go and see the Taj.

It is my second time I see this sight, but each time it is absolutely breathtaking. There were many Indians queing to get in. Last time there was only a few people.

Nicole says she was totally overwhelmed in spite of the huge crowd. Tears came to her eyes. It is one thing to see pictures of it, but quite something different to experience it. She says she found the symmetry and balance, the fine handwork in the marble just beautiful.

Karin says she burst into tears, completely overcome by emotion. She says she was so deeply moved to see the ultimate poetry of stone.

There were many Indians queing to get in. What a dissapointment to see the long curve of people around the building. And the sun was going down...

This is where our wonderful guide came into his own. He knew
exactly where to go for the best pictures. We decided not to go in because of all the people waiting. How ever, as it was getting darker, the guide suggested that we try to get in from the exit. I have just seen how a big group of young boys stormed forward and push in in front of many people. The exit was unfortunately watched by a guard. The guide asked him, but he said no. I then told a little white lie, and said that a whole bunch of boys pushed in in front of us. He relented and we could get onto the platform around the Taj. The guide took us around, telling us about it. When it was nearly completely dark, and the people were being chased out, the old man at the entrance let us quickly go in. It was too dark to photograph ( and you may not) but he showed us with his torch how the reddish stone glow under light, and told us that the Taj was a magical place in full moonlight.

Enjoying ourselves just sitting calmly for a while, taking it in.


Very busy!

One of our best guides so far, Akash Anand. If ever you think of going to Agra, he is the one to contact. His email is:
Catch-me PLEASE note that it should not be dashes, but underscores in his address, my ipad does not give me the option.

It became very dark, and they were chasing all the remaining people out. We were of the last ones, looking back for one last dark glimpse of this monument to enduring love.

Poetry in stone indeed!

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