Saturday, September 24, 2011

Savannah, Georgia.

The squares of Savannah is what makes this town so beautiful. And the trees. These beautiful trees, many with Spanish moss hanging from it like decorations.
Do you remember ... Sleep tight, don't let the bugs bite? Well, this Spanish moss was used in mattresses, and it has got a red bug that comes out at night and would bite you when you were sleeping. Another mystery from childhood cleared!

Lovely houses and statues all around.

The oaks are very old, up to two hundred years old.

Wes, one of the Photographic course helpers.

Solitary man sitting on one of the many benches. Yes, Christian, it IS blurred!

Horse drawn carriages, trolleys pulled by horses, all of this is going around Savannah all day. The traffic chugs patiently along behind them

This is a great place to visit. I did not see half of the town, apparently the cemeteries are wonderful too. Next time I'll post some pictures of the river.