Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why Savannah Georgia?

My husband went to Detroit on business and once you have seen the Ford museum, you have seen Detroit? So I did a photographic workshop with Craig Tanner in Savannah The workshop was called 
Composition Intensive
and ran for 6 days. Craig has a website where one can read all about his work, other workshops, etc.

What a wonderful experience the workshop was! We had fun, worked VERY hard, and ate a lot - they sure like to eat, these Americans! I teased them a lot about their funny way of speaking, all the words they use that is different from Standard English. Their pronunciation of "t" was made fun of. Patti becomes Paddy, water becomes wada, etc. They took this teasing very well, and suffered me laughing, of course thinking about this funny South African.... 

The Savannah river adds to the beauty of Savannah. There are many restaurants and shops on the riverside, and at night the street really came alive.

Americans love their candy stores!

I took quite a few photographs of this man, he had a very gentle soul.

Next time I'll place some of the photographs I entered in the workshop for the assignments. We had some crazy ones!