Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sarkozy's apartment and Offices.

Front of parliament

We then walked to Sarkozy's offices and meeting rooms.

Paris, the most beautiful city (after Cape Town, of course)

Beggar woman

I wonder if the food in here would be worth the price you pay?

They took us to lunch in a government building, everything just so, a private room and delicious food. For me the steak was too raw, but that is France for you!

At the door on the right sits Boris, he has been working for Sarkozy for 7 years, and is now an aide. Here we heard that Carla had a girl, while everyone speculated that it would be a boy. Her name is to be Julia! Poor old Sarkozy, this on top of the economical crisis!

Sarkozy's apartment (he obviously has a house too) and his offices.

If you look at the picture above, you will see that Werner on the left and Pieter 3rd from right, are wearing ties! Piet has declared that he will never wear one again, he did not even wear one for Werner and Marli's wedding. They had to borrow these ties. This was an emotional moment for the Frenchman that came with us. They say they never dreamed that they would come here. 

The room below is the meeting room where the meeting was held. Here even the Frenchman, a director General, (that is what his title would have been in SA) started taking photo's, even he has never been here!

This concluded a awesome day. Lomold has certainly taken us as a family places!