Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sleeping beauties (?) in a castle...

We then took the TVG fast train, and I watched the world go by.

When we got to the hotel, or castle,, it was dark, and lots of fog drifted around. It was really spooky, as I will show on a next entry. This light was hanging in the entry, on closer inspection, made of taps! We learned that it was called the Domaine Chateau Du Faucon. It has recently been renovated, and they are still busy with the renovations.

Another light...

We were very hungry and tired, so we were taken to the restaurant, and the food was good.

Our rooms were some of the most beautiful I have ever slept in. It had a sitting room apart from the bedrooms as well. Marli and I raved about the place, hoped that we could come back one day, but after Piet paid the next day, he said he hoped we enjoyed it, but we will not be seeing it again soon. Oh well, it was wonderful, and we felt very spoilt.


The next morning Marli and I spent the morning wandering around in the woods, and when we asked, Nicola, who is in charge of the Chateau, showed us all the newly decorated rooms. There is even a chapel in the chateau.

Marli en Werner.

 Marli en Piet

I got a chance to take photo's of the medallions we each got from Sarkozy's aide:

I presume this is where you play REAL lawn tennis???

Packing up and saying goodbye to a wonderful time! 

We visited a few factories in the afternoon, then took a taxi to De Gaulle Airport, 2 hours 20 minutes, 
568 Euro's!