Thursday, September 11, 2014

Onguma Game Reserve Namibia 3

The sunsets here is unbelievable. Of course, the more wind, the more dust and the better the sunset!

Some of you will not know that my husband Pieter, died last year. So this has been a very difficult year. So the offer to come to Onguma was just wonderful. Here is what my friend Pia wrote to me in her beautiful way:

It looks magical.  And a wonderful gift of an opportunity - to be given a way to step out of your regular life and worries and concerns, and to be 'unavailable'  to those whom you love and who might need you. But only for a relatively short period, so that when you can come back with new perspectives and fresh energy, you will be embraced by all those you left behind again - you haven't left a gap that has closed up after a lengthy departure - that gap will still be there.

Thank you Pia, I definitely could not have said it so well. 

In the Aoba camp it was dead quiet over lunch time. I  told the staff that I would take photographs of them and I will print one for each of them. Some gave me a memory stick, others I'll have to do when I get a chance to go to the metropolis Tsumeb. 

Well, did we have sports! I do not know what the owner will say of staff draped over the lounge furniture in evening clothes... Here is a few to give you an idea. 

Me and William, the game drive guide. Yes, the same one that took me on the bush walk looking for the lion we fortunately did not find!

Me and Elizabeth, a real friend here in Aoba. 

Albertina, my excellent trainer and friend. 

Otillie and Beata, the two cooks who are going to be in serious trouble for fattening me up!

Albertina and Otillie dressed up for the photos.

Paulina in her pretty dress. 

I find the people of Namibia incredibly friendly. It is a delight to talk to them, work with them. And as many cultures and languages as in South Africa. On top of all the names, I have to remember whether they speak Afrikaans or English!

Thank you for all the emails and encouragement and praise for my photographs. I really appreciate it.