Friday, September 5, 2014

Onguma Game Reserve - Namibia part 2

The little Damara dik dik is the cutest "bambi" ever. With its funny little nose and big brown eyes, they steal your heart. Here in Onguma, and especially around Aoba Lodge where I stay now, there are many. Nearly every time I come out of my room, two will be standing outside. Today I caught one in the last light at the waterhole you can sit and watch from the lodge. Magical.

They only weigh about 5 kilos, and the male weighs less! They mate for life and is a rare and protected specie in Namibia. 

I have seen a wide variety of animals sitting in the lounge of the Lodge. There were 7 kudus drinking earlier today:

I went for a 2 hour walk in the bush with a guide and some tourists. 
We heard a lion close by, and the guide, William (with a serious gun in his hand) decided we should go and look for it. Fortunately we never found it!
Next time I will show more photographs of the lodges. Bye!