Friday, October 3, 2014

Goodbye, Onguma!

A very good  friend of mine, Oscar, once said that it is fortunate that you can take your memories with you, you do not have to leave it behind.

It is sad to leave, but the memory will always stay with me, and make me feel good. I have seen so many beautiful animals and sights. I have had such peace and quiet. I met so many wonderful people. I will miss the Namibian landscape, my early mornings at the hide, and of course old Stoffel. The second last night I had dinner with 2 German gentleman, and they said on their evaluation sheet that their highlight of their 3 days at Aoba was having dinner with Ansie. How nice of them, I hope they read these words...  What a wonderful job, mainly chatting to guests. And I know I am good at it! (but I do not think this is a talent that can make money for me?)

I had many magic moments: (all taken while waiting for animals to appear at the hide.)

This blog, in which I have not written for 18 months,  got over 1946 hits in the month I wrote about Onguma, and of course, it does not include this post. Thank you so much for all your emails, sms's and FB comments. It is much appreciated. I just wish my English was more supple,  I battle with the rooi taal!

I have learned that I could be happy in a small, basic room. Staying alone, far from family and friends, gave me confidence again, and I will always be grateful towards my friend that gave me the gift of time at Onguma. Thank you so much. 

Onguma greetings...