Friday, October 3, 2014

Driving over Helmeringshauzen to Lüderitz and the wild horses of the Garub plains.

On advice from friends in Windhoek, Kalf and Sandra of the beautiful protea shop, Kaapse Tafel, I came from Windhoek and took the Mariental, Maltahöhe, Helmeringshauzen, Aus, Lüderitz road. Yes, Christian, get out your atlas! From Malthöhe to Aus it is gravel road. A full 250 km of it. A good road, but full of stones and sand. At the end of the road, my hands were sore from holding on to the steering wheel! Fortunately I grew up with gravel roads. Even so, I slid twice on the sand. 

Between Helmeringshauzen and Aus, 111 km, NO car passed me! Just me, the car and the road - bliss. And Tchaikovsky, Ravel and Mozart blaring out loud. 

No camera can do justice to the beautiful landscapes, some weirder than what the moon must look like. The road becomes just this thin little stripe ahead of you. The colours: blue, pink and yellow.

Helmeringshauzen, the smallest, cleanest and neatest town ever!
With the best apple crumble...

The road from Helmeringshauzen to Aus was a often a smooth red road, but it made it very difficult to see where the sand lay.

My wonderful dusty RAV and a long and lonely road. No one in sight for 90 minutes!
Everywhere people were asking "Are you travelling alone?" YES!

The feral horses of the Garub plains looks well fed, but WHAT do they eat? Stones?

The colours of the landscape is so beautiful. 

Auf Wiedersehen!