Sunday, October 5, 2014


An unpretentious little coastal town, most roads still gravel, small houses mixed with bigger, and the older German houses high up on the rocky hill close to the little church. Only one garage, and no, they do NOT except credit cards...  But no credit card for petrol I got everywhere. Very inconvenient.

I drove out to Diaz Point, a lovely drive - just see that you have enough fuel, I did not look to see how far it is, and were worried the whole time. On the way there I saw lovely flamingoes.

This one flew, and then did a landing:

I also passed this sign, but there were bulldozers working in the back, getting ready for the speed skating and windsurfing the next day - what happened to the wetlands????

The little restaurant at Diaz Point is run by a funny little tannie. Every now and then she would scream on some one in the back. I could not work out who  she were shouting at -  dog, waiter, husband?

The rickety wooden bridge to the cross has loose planks, and you have to hold on for dear life because of the howling wind. 

What did Diaz think when he landed in this dry, rocky place?

The landscape could have been Malta, the sea is just 15 degrees colder!