Saturday, May 9, 2015

Carrying up the Skeleton Coast National Park

The park starts at the Ugab river, about 200 km above Swakopmund. It stretches to the Kunene river, about 500 km away, on the Angolan border. The southern part, up to Terrace Bay, can be accessed with a permit, but the northern part can only be done through a private safari company. From Terrace Bay there is no road. You drive on the beach and in the sand. There are tracks at times of previous vehicles.

Rather macabre gates....

And away we go...

A salt pool along the way. 

We made camp wherever we came, always with the wind in our minds. 

The tour guide, Marius had a helper, Gabriel, or the angel Gabriel, as we called him. With his long long legs, this Angolese could run, and were always running far ahead of us. As we moved on, Marius would pick him up. He also made us laugh as you will see in the picture below. 

In this endlessly fascinating country, the changes of scenery is incredible. Next time more of that!