Wednesday, September 23, 2015

I am leaving on a jetplane....

What is that makes us so exited when we can leave on a plane for somewhere different, exotic? Why is it so for some people and not for others? Me and my sons are all travellers. They seem to have been born with that gene! I certainly got it from my mother.

 Recently someone asked me what is the reason for all my travelling. Immediately I answered - does one HAVE to have a reason? But it made me think, yes, why?  I am a photographer, so that is a big reason. I am interested in other cultures, specially those different from our Western world. I read a lot of travel books. AND, my bucket
list just gets longer and longer. That is all I could think of. But does it explain this excitement? 

I am on my way to Hanoi, Vietnam. Though I know the East fairly well, I have never been to Vietnam. And now 2 of my sons and the one's girlfriend is teaching there. What did I bring for them? FOOD! Biltong, mielie meal (corn, for those outside of SA), Bovril, cheese, Cadbury's chocolate. My suitcase will be empty when I offload all the food. 

My night on the plane was terrible. I sat next to a lovely Chinese woman that speaks good English. She was on business in Zimbabwe. But the whole night long the Chinese people walked up and down the isle, talking at the top of their voices to friends in the other isle.  The plane looked like a dump when we left it. Bread rolls and all their junk just dropped to the floor. 

Now for 5 hours in Hong Kong airport. Oh why did I not buy the more expensive ticket? But what a lovely airport. Cool, clean, lots of nice shops, free wifi and lots of places to plug in and get some juice for all the electronic equipment we lug along nowadays. 

Look at the beautiful kiddies corner:,

I had to walk a long way to get to gate no 521. I started at no 26. But walking is good for you after sitting still for so long. My flight to Hanoi will be 2 hours long. My son arranged for someone to pick me up.

Next will be more about Hanoi and living there. I believe there is a mattress on the floor for me. I have no idea about the size of their apartment. Maybe I will have to sleep under the dining room table??