Saturday, October 24, 2015

Off to market we go...

Food is all in the open in Vietnam. They do try and keep the flies away, but it is an impossible task. The long legged chickens are the funniest (to us). They love chicken legs, so they breed them like this. The black parts of the chicken is common, and in Laos last year in a families' house, I had to eat some of this black chicken. It was not easy!

Flowers are very special, and roses in this hot climate! But they sometimes protect them like this:

This I saw often, to my astonishment. They will have chickens on the sidewalk in the busiest street. In the evenings they catch them and put them in a cage. And they do not go into the road! (maybe they do, but I never saw one...)

At first I thought these feather dusters were a whole lot of chickens tied together...

Flower street, but this time all plastic!

My favorite shop in Hanoi! They changed their window regularly.