Monday, January 3, 2011

India, tomorrow we are coming!


We are all three so excited! I hope we stay upright and do not fall ill, that is my only concern. Last time I was there, I was fine, but my husband fell seriously ill. Some virus got hold of him to the end of our trip. He was so ill,  he forgot all the lovely places and people we experienced! I must say though, the medical care he got in the hotel was excellent. He also went to a clinic. AND then decided to drink ALL the medicine prescribed to him.

We three, Nicole Palmer, Karin Brynard and me are taking enough medicine between us to stock a hopital.  We also had all our shots at the travel clinic. So we are well prepared.  I have also re-read The god of small things. What a wonderful book! I finished "Holy cow" as well. Too much about the various religions, but a very accurate observation of Indian life.

Think of us, and if you care, follow my blog, I'll try to post fairly regurly. Lovely invention this blogging, now I do not have to e-mail everyone.