Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Taj

We have been walking around the Famous Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai. Because of the terrorist attack two years ago, it is totally surrounded by police, and you cannot go in whith out a reservation. The worst was that you were not allowed to take any photographs.

But we have learned "to shoot from the hip" very well. So here is one unauthorised photo:

And one taken in the daytime when we left on the ferry:

We were dying to see the inside. Karin's husband, Rien, has stayed there several times on business. So, we HAD to have dinner there. I made a reservation without telling the other 2 crocs, just told them to dress up as much as possible.

They could not believe it when, after a stroll, I turned into the Taj Mahal Hotel. There are several restaurants, but I booked into the Indian one.

From sitting down we realised that this was a very different class of restaurant! The service was impeccable. They informed us about everything, helping us to make our decisions and brought the most devine Indian food imaginable. Every mouthful was a journey, each dish so different from the other. It ended with rose oil scented water poured over our hands.

We left the hotel knowing that India's Prime Minister, who had a banquet in the room just next to our restaurant, could not have enjoyed his evening as much as we did.

Good night and sleep tight!

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