Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jaipur, here we come!

Our plane was delayed, so instead of flying at 5 PM, we were so fortunate to leave only at 9PM. So the exhausted crocs could sleep a bit later.


So much dust, so much hooting, so many cars, busses, auto rickhshas, cars, cows, camels, dust and people, people, people everywhere.

Karin looks very scared of that snake!!

Look at this little beggar - I was taking a photo of something else when he popped up in front of me. There are so many of them, babies growing up right on the sidewalk, whole families living there, it is heartbreaking, but also anoying when they keep touching you.

Seeing how block printing is done by hand, and then the tailors. This iron I could not pick up with both hands.

The textile shop turned us into a shopping frenzy, and the salesman was wonderful, never pushy. I had a silk jacket made up for me in a few hours, and it is beautiful. Cashmere by the stacks had us all drooling.

Good night, we are so tired.

Location:Jaipur, India